About four years ago, Kerie was bought a boudoir shoot by a mutual friend, Carol who can also be seen on this site. Over the course of the day we shot in her flat and later in my hotel room. Kerie was very apprehensive and conscious of her size but was really impressed with the results. So much so, her boudoir book has pride of place on her coffee table.

Last year, Kerie got in touch with a view to doing another shoot - as she put it, a Santa Baby shoot. We discussed what she wanted from the shoot and arranged a date. The shoot progressed from boudoir to adult very quickly as she produced a rabbit from the gifts under the tree and as a result, some of the planned shots weren't taken.

Kerie also said that some of the shots from her first shoot could be used on my sites. Once I introduced her to UK-Exhibitionists her downfall was complete. We posted a few pics on the site and the thought of all those people seeing her was such a turn-on that she asked me to put some explicit galleries up on the public side of this site.

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