About Me

A potted history

fun in the morning sun thumb I was born at an early age in West London but, with the assistance of my family I had escaped to the Home Counties by the time I was four. My first memory of photography was when, aged 10, I was given a Kodak Instamatic 126 camera for a school trip to Holland, I've usually had some sort of camera in my hands ever since!

I'm very keen to develop my model portfolio with a view to giving up the daily grind and becoming a full-time photographer and although I have many years experience behind the camera, I'm still learning the art of directing a live model so any help in that area would be extremely welcome. I'm happy to work on a TFP/TFCD basis with a view to creating a body of work for my and your portfolios.

polish out thumb

I'm currently building a home studio and have a range of sets, props, and studio equipment. I'm also happy to work on location or shoot at your home. I very much look forward to working with you.

If you have any comments/requests or if you wish to discuss a sitting, please feel free to contact me. I'm based in North West France but I travel extensively around the U.K. and Europe. I'm never far from my camera and I'm always keen to take pictures.

Please be sure to check back from time to time as new pictures will be added on a regular basis.

For the terminally curious, click here to see the tools I use.

About my models

  • As a fortieth birthday present, Carol bought Kerie a boudoir photoshoot. She took me round to meet her the evening before the shoot and I spent the entire time with a view of her bright red knickers up her miniskirt. We spent most of the following day shooting at Kerie's flat and then went out for a meal with both her and Carol wearing short dresses and nothing else!

    We returned to my hotel room where we shot some more pics before retiring to my bed. A couple of years later, Kerie got in touch with a view to another shoot and after a series of suggesative texts and messages, we got together for the Santa Baby shoot and a fuck. Kerie is now my partner and new photosets are always in the pipeline,

  • Carol was introduced to me by a friend with the words "She's always wanted to have a nude photoshoot" with the predictable result that she ended up in front of my camera. Caro9l was a natural poser and a born exhibitionist. After an initial shoot, I took her into the studio for a group booking and despite being her first time, Carol was not onlycomfortable posing (and walking around) naked but at the end of the first set, actually played with her glass dildo until she came oblivious to those that were watching.

  • About 15 years ago, I met Cherry who enjoyed being in front of my camera as much as I enjoyed photographing her. We also enjoyed showing off the results on sites like the one listed at the top of this page which led to meeting ladies and other couples with similar exhibitionist interests who also wanted to take part in photoshoots. Some of them have been good enough to permit the resulting imagess to be shown on the public areas of my site.

  • About the same time, "B" sent me some quite tame pics. I offered to take some better ones and, although it was some time before we were able to arrange it, we enjoyed a few shoots and some of the results are on this site and more will follow.

  • Elaine, "B" and I used to frequent a chatroom on an adult website and after chatting for a while, I was able to arrange to meet them (unfortunately separately). Elaine travelled from the West Country to my home in Southampton. Being very nervous, she only let me take a few pics on that occasion but subsequently we were able to shoot many more.

Wise Words

My name is RM and I'm a Canon user. Sounds like an admission to some sort of self-help group doesn't it? My choice of vendor was purely accidental to start with - I couldn't justify to myself the expense of a DSLR until Canon released the D300. The first DSLR priced under a grand and, co-incidentally, I had an insurance settlement of almost exactly the same amount burning a hole in my bank account!

Fast forward a few years and you'll find the following equipment in my camera bag (a Lowepro by the way):

The shopping list is not as long but still impressively expensive! If there are any benevolent philanthropists out there that would like to invest in a burgeoning photography career, I'm all ears! In order of priority, it is:

I use Multiblitz studio flash heads or Vivitar 283 strobes when portability is important. Although the complete studio rig with backdrops and stands will fit in the boot of my car.

Having been a professional geek for many years, I have more computers than is sensible but most of my post-processing and web coding is done on a Dell laptop or my home-built desktop machine. By the way, this site was coded entirely in Notepad (Free as part of all Microsoft operating systems since windows first appeared) and Notepad++

Other software I regularly use is: